Veterinary Professionals

Veterinary Technical Sheets

Technical information, regularly updated to include latest research, on a number of clinical areas where our products can be used to alleviate conditions, in a support function and/or in conjunction with conventional treatments.

  • Dermatological Treatments
  • Noise Phobia, Fear & Anxiety
  • Liver Support
  • Arthritis & Joints
  • Epilepsy Support
  • Digestive Health
  • Treating Obesity

Veterinary Wholesalers

All our products are available through all the major wholesalers in the UK (Centaur, Henry Schein, National Veterinary Supplies and VSSCO in Northern Ireland).  Some of the smaller specialised wholesalers also stock our range.  Wholesalers do not generally supply marketing, point of sale items or literature so please contact us direct for these items which are supplied free of charge.  Those currently  available are shown in our In Store Marketing page.

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Data Sheets

Our Data Sheets include pharmaceutical particulars on all our products, both authorised medicines and dietary supplements.   There is also a section containing Clinical Reports from vets who have used the products in practice and are happy for this information to be made available to other veterinary professionals.

NOAH Compendium

Our authorised medicines are AVM-GSL category and all our listed in the NOAH Compendium, which is now also available on-line by following this link:

Client Information

Our range of eight condition leaflets and our comprehensive client Catalogue provide an easy-to-use source of information for your clients.  They are ideal to give owners alongside the products for further information and tips on their pet’s condition and as a useful reminder.  The list of what is currently available is in our In Store Marketing section and they can be ordered at the checkout.

Adverse reactions and side effects

Although occurrences are extremely rare for our products, with many having no incidences, we do record and report these in the normal way.  If you would like current adverse reaction data for any of our products please contact us direct.