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Why should you become a Dorwest stockist?

You might have been considering becoming a Dorwest stockist for a while, or perhaps you’ve only just found us. We have a network of pet shops, vets, groomers, behaviourists and raw feeding centres all stocking the Dorwest range both in the UK and worldwide.

Not sure if we’re right for you? Here are just a few reasons why Dorwest could be right for your business.

Commonly asked questions

Do I have to stock all Dorwest products?

Our range can be quite daunting to being with, including both licensed herbal medicines and supplements. The good news is you can stock as many or as few of our lines as you wish. We’d always encourage stockists to take advantage of our New Stockist Starter pack – click here for more details – this allows you to quickly and easily get started with Dorwest. it includes our six most popular and commonly sold lines across a range of conditions.

How will I know which products are right for my customers?

You’ll understand your customers better than anyone, but sometimes it can be tricky to know what’s the right product to recommend for specific conditions such as joint issues, that’s why we have two ways to help you.

Our “Get Trained” questionnaire is a simple way to improve your product knowledge, the 45 questions help lead you through the product range and allow you to become familiar with what makes them unique and learn more about how they work.

To further help you make the right recommendations we also have our Customer Service Team on hand Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700 (1600 on Fridays) – they can talk to you about the right product to recommend, or even speak to your customer for you. Then you can either make the sale direct from your own stock or we can ship it to you if you don’t hold a particular line. Our aim is always to recommend the right product, not just any product.

Is there a large minimum order value/quantity?

We understand the pressures on small businesses and having a large amount of capital tied up in stock on the shelves, especially new product lines, can sometimes be hard to justify. That’s why we have no minimum order value or quantity, we’d always encourage you to make orders of at least £50 (exc.VAT) to ensure you benefit from free shipping, there is a shipping charge of £4.00 for orders under that threshold.

Can I buy via my pet wholesaler, or do I have to buy direct from Dorwest?

Not at all. Dorwest products are available from a number of the pet wholesalers, please contact us to find out which, or speak to your wholesaler to see if they stock us.

No matter where you buy your Dorwest stock from you can still benefit from our fantastic support, receive all point of sale free of charge and be a part of the Dorwest family!

If you’d like further information on becoming a Dorwest Stockist please enter your details below and one of our Trade Team will contact you:

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