Urinary Problems

As there are many serious as well as minor bladder and urinary disorders, it is advisable to consult your veterinary surgeon if you think that your dog or cat may be suffering from this type of condition.

As dogs and cats become older they tend to be more vulnerable to problems with their vital organs and kidney conditions are very common in cats and some breeds of dog. These problems will usually be diagnosed by your vet and should always be treated under veterinary supervision. Diet may be a factor in kidney conditions and in general dried processed foods should be avoided as they may aggravate the situation, but there are a number of specialised diets available, which your vet can recommend. Herbal medicines can be helpful in maintaining kidney function and Mixed Vegetable Tablets, which have a mild diuretic action, when given daily will help to ensure a good urinary flow and assist in keeping the kidneys functioning effectively.

Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infection

Mixed Vegetable Tablets should be given at the treatment dosage to assist in the removal of uric acid and maintain a good urinary flow. Give in conjunction with Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets, also at the treatment dose, to treat the infection or if there is a history of recurring stones or gravel.

Bladder weakness and urinary incontinence

Most prevalent in spayed bitches causing them to leak urine involuntarily. Often they are quite unaware of this especially if it occurs when they are asleep, and it can be as distressing for the animal as for the owner. Mixed Vegetable Tablets have been found to be very helpful in these cases as their mild diuretic action helps ensure that the bladder is emptied completely when your pet urinates. Give daily at a maintenance dose to improve the situation and make the animal more comfortable.
Recently we have received some reports that giving Raspberry Leaf Tablets can also be useful for this problem. These tablets are more commonly used to tone the smooth muscle of the uterus during pregnancy, but as the bladder is also a smooth muscle this may explain why in some cases this seems to be of benefit. Always seek professional advice if any urinary condition persists or the animal’s temperature is high.

“Ellie is my 9 year old rescue Labrador Cross. At about 12 months old she began having urinary problems. I was back and forth to the vets for months and tried various antibiotics which I was not happy giving so I decided to seek an alternative. I purchased your Mixed Vegetable Tablets and saw an improvement in a week. I was able to reduce the dosage after 6 months and she’s never had a problem since! I have also used other products of yours and they work great. I now recommend you to others and you will always be the first place I turn to in the future.” C Renfrew, Stockton On Tees

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