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Travel Sickness & Travelling

Anxiety, excitability, nervousness or simply apprehension are the most common cause of travel sickness in dogs and cats rather than true motion sickness, which is relatively rare. This nervousness and anxiety can especially affect young dogs and cats for whom travelling is a strange new experience. Finding what position your pet finds most comfortable to travel in and not feeding prior to a journey is a good idea. Take steps to desensitise them to the car by using the stationary vehicle for play, relaxation and even feeding there occasionally, providing it is safe to do so. Then try this with the engine running while the vehicle is stationary and finally introduce short journeys to build up confidence. These methods have proved useful and are certainly worth adopting from an early age.

Scullcap & Valerian Tablets to relieve anxiety, help relaxation and reduce excessive salivation while undertaking the above familiarisation techniques. Two doses should be given at about 12 hours and 2 hours before a journey using the higher dosage rate. Use the same regime for subsequent car journeys until the dog or cat becomes more accustomed to travelling.

For unexpected trips where time does not allow two doses of tablets to be given, use liquid Organic Valerian Compound as an alternative and for cats try putting a few drops on the bedding to calm them during the journey.

For travel problems that don’t appear to be due to apprehension or anxiety, but where sickness is purely due to the vehicle’s motion, give Digestive Tablets about two hours before a journey commences to settle and soothe the stomach.

“I ordered (on advice from you) the Digestive Tablets to help with my Bichon Frise’s travel sickness. We have not cured it totally but they have certainly helped and have cured her of bringing up yellowy green ‘froth’. Because Tipsy is such a nervous dog I then ordered the Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and wow what a difference they made! Normally she is too anxious to settle but she managed a long journey with no sickness and just curled up and dozed throughout. Fantastic! “Ms Gallop, Wisbech

For further information see our individual leaflet on this specific condition – Travel Sickness leaflet or why not read our blog that explains more about travel sickness – click here to read more

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