Detox for Dogs & Cats

Modern living can affect our pets and leave them feeling ‘under the weather’ and just like us a de-tox can be of great benefit! Factors such as long term medication, living in a built up or polluted environment, drinking tap water with chlorine and chemicals, even being fed heavily processed commercial diets can lead to a need for a de-tox.

We have formulated a unique combination of Parsley, Peppermint, Chlorophyllin and Ascophyllum in our Doggy De-Tox Tablets which are used to remove toxins from the body and neutralise those unpleasant doggy smells. Our four step Canine De-tox programme is a natural and easy way to do give your dog a spring clean!

  1. Give Doggy De-Tox Tablets daily for four weeks, and as needed thereafter.
  2. Bathe your dog with Pennyroyal Shampoo to leave the coat minty, fresh and shiny and to repel any fleas and ticks.
  3. Boost the immune system with Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets – a fully veterinary licensed herbal medicine that bolsters the resistance and allows your dog to give bugs the heave-ho.
  4. Clean your dog’s teeth using Roast Dinner Veterinary Toothpaste. The low foam formula ensures there is no need to rinse and spit. It also contains sage oil to freshen the teeth and gums.

Don’t forget you can contact Dorwest on 01308 897272 for advice about using our products.